11+ Best Onion Cutters in India (In Budget!)

Best Onion Cutters in India
Best Onion Cutters in India

We need to chop vegetables into various shapes for various types of needs. But in case of India, onion chopping is very common and needs to be done on daily basis. Moreover, various type of onion cutting is needed for various cooking needs like onion cutting, chopping, fine grinding, slicing, roll cutting, parallel cutting, etc. So, we need a best onion cutter for our home which will reduce kitchen efforts drastically and increase efficiency of onion cutting.

Best onion cutters in India include electric as well as manual cutters. Many of you have a view that we need costly electric onion cutters for cutting and chopping purpose. But you are wrong. Because in today’s date, there are many non-eletric (manual) onion cutters which are highly efficient and worth buying. We have selected best onion cutters in India which are efficient as well as in your budget. So, keep patience till end of this article.

Best Onion Cutter in India

While buying a best onion cutter machine, you will be highly confused due to thousands of options available online. So I will give you list of 11 Best onion cutter in India which will contain electric as well as non-eletric onion choppers. I will tell specifications, pro’s and con’s of each and every product so that you can select the best onion cutter based on your kitchen needs. So, let us begin with the list of genuine and budget friendly onion cutters in India.

Don't have Enough Time to Read this Detailed Guide?

Do not waste your hard earned money in buying very costly electric onion cutter machine. Instead I have selected 2 budget friendly onion cutters which will meet A to Z onion cutting needs like fine cutting,chopping, grinding, etc. You must buy these 2 onion cutters:

  1. Ganesh Vegetable Cutter (12+ blades for different shapre cutting)
  2. Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter (Green, Capacity 600ml)

Ganesh Vegetable Cutter will help you to cut onion into different shapes, while Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter is best for fine chopping of onion.

Parameters of selecting the Best Onion Cutter :

  1. Efficiency of onion cutter to cut efficiently into various shapes
  2. Very fine chopping of onion must be possible
  3. Simplicity of its use (ease of use)
  4. Budget Friendly Product (best product in range of vegetable cutters)
  5. Thousands of cutomer reviews considered!

11+ Best Onion Cutter In India

We will see 10 Best Onion Cutters based on our kitchen needs. You can buy best onion cutter online based on your cutting requirements and your budget.

1. Ganesh Multipurpose Vegetable and Onion Chopper (Cutter Grater and Slicer)

Ganesh Vegetable Cutter

Let us begin with the best onion cutter available in market, that is, Ganesh vegetable cutter which has 12+ blades to chop vegetables in mutliple shapes. The quality and durability of this onion chopper is high due to Unbreakable ABS Plastic Body used for build up material. High quality stainless steel blades are used which retain its sharpness even after long duration of vegetable chopping.

Key Specifications of Ganesh Vegetable Cutter

  • 12 different types of vegetable cutting options make it a versatile vegetable chopper in Indian Market.
  • Large unbreakable container (good grade ABS plastic) with rubber grip base helps to increase stability during its operation.
  • High-quality stainless steel blades increases the cutting and chopping efficiency. Moreover, design is made considering the safety factors to avoid any accident.
  • One of the easiest, fastest and safest vegetable chopper whcih requires minimum manual efforts.
  • It possess detachable container of large size which can also be used for storage purpose.
  • Hygiene factors are also taken under consideration like “Push To Clean” button to remove the left over vegetable and onion particles.
  • Onion choping and slicing operation can be done within few seconds.
Multiple onion cutting and chopping options (12+ Stainless Steel Blades)No negative review at all
High-quality stainless steel blades are used which retain sharpness for a long time
Unbreakable good grade ABS plastic container
Budget Friendly onion cutter to meet A to Z kitchen needs
Easiest, fastest and equally safe vegetable cutter in India
No electricity needed

Actual Working of Ganesh Vegetable Cutter:

2. Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter (Green, Capacity 600ml)

Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter

More than 90% of cooking comprises of vegetable cutting and other allied activities. And more than 60% of vegetable cutting comprises of onion choping and cutting which is used as a input material for cooking as well as for adding it after cooking (raw). So, fine and even chopping of onions is very important. For Example: Taste of Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav is amplified if onion is very finely chopped. So, best onion cutter for fine and even chopping is Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter.

Key Specifications of Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter

  • This onion chopper or vegetable chopper consists of 2 bowls operated via single string for very fine vegetable chopping. (You can vary the vegetable chopping size as per your requirement)
  • Different vegetables can be chopped at the same time as their exists a divider to separate two containers.
  • High quality of stainless steel blades are used in Both the bowls of prestige double vegetable chopper which retains its sharpness for a very long time.
  • Removable separator present between the compartments allows cutting as well as mixing simultaneously.
  • 2 whisker attachments are used for efficient mixing. You just need to replace the cutting blades with whisker blades (used for mixing and whipping eggs, cream, salads, etc)
  • It can also be used as a single bowl onion chopper of 600 ml capacity for large quantity of vegetable chopping (one of the best vegetable chopper in India)
  • Power and speed of operation is maintained even for high loads.
  • BPA free Pastic Material is used for its construction.
  • Affordable and efficient vegetable chopper.
Pro’s Con’s
More than one vegetables/fruits can be chopped simultaneouslyNeeds to be manually operated
Two bowls with separator for multi-tasking
Good Quality Stainless Steel blades are used
Only vegetable cutter which has efficient mixing qualities too
High Capacity onion cutter (600ml)
Highly durable product with safety measures
BPA free Material used for its contruction

Actual Working of Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter:

3. Smile Mom Twin Plastic Handy Vegetable Chopper and Cutter (1500 ML)

Smilemom Vegetable Chopper

Next powerful onion chopper is Smilemom Twin Plastic Vegetable Chopper. It is a high capacity vegetable cutter which has bowl size of 1500ml. It also has compartment between the two bowls to isolate two compartments. This onion chopper is known for its high power operation while cutting or chopping vegetables. Along with high durability, its design is compact.

Specifications of Smile Mom Twin Plastic Handy Vegetable / Onion Cutter

  • It is designed to perform multiple vegetable cutting operation in 2 different containers simultaneously (due to present of 2 different cutting bowls with a separator)
  • Along with onion cutting, it can also be used for mixing purpose with the help of whisker blades.
  • Smilemom has anti skid base which increases stability of product while in operation
  • Various functions of this vegetable cutter are chopping, cutting, blending, whisking, etc.
  • If you want finely chopped vegetables, pull the chord multiple times. 
  • High quality grade materials are used for its manufacturing (BPA free)
  • Can be used as a 1500ml cutting container after removing the separator.
Can be used for Chopping, Blending, Whisking, Cutting (Mixing is also as efficient as cutting)Some Manual efforts needed
Anti-skid base properties with Comfort soft grip lid
2 Seperate containers of 750ml capacity each (Can also be used as 1500ml capacity after detaching the separator)
4 Interchangeable blades available for cutting and whisking)
High capacity vegetable chopper in affordable price
High power and cutting speed 
6 Month Product Warranty on Manufacturing Defect
No electricity needed for its working

4. Home Puff 3-Blade Plastic Vegetable Chopper, (With Storage Lid of 650ml)

Home Puff Vegetable Cutter

Next onion chopper or vegetable chopper is Home Puff 3-Blade vegetable chopper. . It uses pull string technology to cut onions effectively. 1 pull is equivalent to 12 cuts which saves our time and energy. It does not need electricity for its functioning and can be transported due to its compact size. Power and speed obtained after 3-4 pulls is simply phenomenal.

Key Specifications of Home Puff Plastic Vegetable / Onion Chopper

  • One of the best vegetable cutters in India which is available with 3 sharp stainless steel blades to execute the chopping process.
  • Capacity of vegetable cutting bowl is 650 ml which is a decent size considering the single cutting container.
  • Lot of human efforts are saved due to string pull mechanism in which 1 pull is equivalent to 12 cuts.
  • Durable and sturdy product of Homepuff due to its extrasharp stainless steel blades.
  • It comes with an extra Lid which enables evegetable cutter to be used as an storage container (air tight)
  • 1 Year warranty available on Homepuff Vegetable chopper.
Pro’s Con’s
String Pull Mechanism” is used in Vegetable Chopping processVegetables & fruits can be cut only in a similar shape
Portable onion cutter due to its compact design
3 Extra Sharp stainless steel bades are used
Made from BPA Free materials
Decent Capacity of cutting : 650 ml
No need of electricity for its functioning
1 year warranty

5. Smile mom 5 ABS Stainless Steel Blade Turbo Vegetable Chopper

Smile Mom Vegetable Cutter

As the name depicts, Smile mom Turbo Vegetable Chopper consists of 5 ABS Stainless Steel Blades for effecient funtioning. Eveny chopped vegetables can be obtained from this vegetable chopper. The fineness of the chopper vegetables can be varied as per our requirement. Quality of the 5 ABS stainless steel blades is high which makes it a efficient onion chopper with minimum efforts.

Key Specifications of Smile Mom Vegetable / Onion Cutter

  • Smile mom vegetable cutter is a high strength & durable product (good build up material)
  • Cutting onions, fruits, boneless meat, tomatoes, garlic, herbs, vegetables, salads, nuts can be chopped effectively in this cutter
  • Various functions like chopping,cutting, blending, Whisking can be done just by changing the blades (cutting blades and whisking blades)
  • No health hazards associated with the product (good grade materials used)
  • Capacity of Product: 900 ml (bowl size) which is a decent size considering the family needs.
Pro’s Con’s
Best onion cutter for vegetable and fruits cuttingDough making or effective mixing cannot be done
2 sharp stainless steel blades make it an effective onion cutter (very fine chopping possible)Comparatively lesser cutomer reviews
High Cutting Capacity
Budget Friendly Product
Durable and Efficient Product (No need of electricity for its working)
6 Months product warranty against manufacturing defect

6. Prestige 3.0 Plastic Veggie Cutter (Capacity 350 ml)

Prestige Vegetable Cutter

This vegetable chopper is of a trusted brand, that is, prestige which has a good trust value in kitchen products. Capacity of Prestige 3.0 Plastic Veggie Cutter is comparatively less, that is, 350 ml. But the power and speed of operation compensates the size of its bowl. It is easy to transport because of its compact size and robust design.

Key Specifications of Prestige 3.0 Plastic Vegetable / Onion Cutter

  • High trust value associated with Prestige 3.0 Plastic Vegetable / Onion Cutter
  • Various sizes of vegetable chopping can be done as per your requirement.
  • High power and high speed of cutting compensates the low size of this product (high rate of vegetable cutting!)
  • Made from non health hazardous materials (high quality plastic, BPA free)
  • Cutting and chopping of onions, herbs, cheese,nuts, fruits, cooked meats can be done effectively.
  • Rough and tough product
  • No need of power supply for its operation
  • Compact and tough product in budget friendly price
High trust value (compared to other products in this range)Low capacity of vegetable cutting Bowl (350ml)
Thousands of genuine reviews especially for power and speed of this product
Highly Durable & Robust Product
Extra-Sharp Stainless Steel blades are used
No need of external power for functioning
High Power and cutting speed
Affordable product
BPA free good plastic used for contruction

Actual Working of Ganesh Vegetable Cutter:

7. Pigeon Mini Plastic Chopper by Stovekraft Handy with 3 Blades

Pigeon Vegetable Cutter

Pigeon is a well known brand in case of manual vegetable choppers because of its durability and affordable price range. It has a sturdy 3-blade design which is made from Stainless Steel. But as compared to other onion cutters in the list, it is a low capacity cutter and also efficiency is comparatively low. If your aim is to chop less number of vegetables, then you can go with it.

8. Nova Quick Cut Small Plastic Handy Onion Chopper (650 ml)

Nova Vegetable Cutter

Nova Quick Cut Small Plastic Handy Onion Chopper which has a cutting bowl capacity of 650 ml. Finely chop vegetables and fruits can be obtained in no time. It uses the same “String Pull Mechanism” to cut vegetables. Stainless steel blades are mounted on shaft which rotates with the pull mechanism of the string. Medium capacity vegetable  chopper in affordable price range.

9. Ninja Professional Stackable Vegetable Chopper (Onion, Vegetable)

Ninja Vegetable Cutter

If you are searching for one of the best electric vegetable chopper online, then Ninja Professional stackable vegetable chopper will be best machine for you. You do not need manual efforts like other manual vegetable choppers. It uses electricity for its operation. As a result of which very fine evenly chopped vegetables and fruits can be obtained within fraction of seconds. Tight Seal Splash Guard storage lid is also avaiable to use it as a air tight storage container.

Key Specifications of Ninja Vegetable / Onion Cutter

  • Ninja is best ‘electric vegetable cutter’ or electric onion cutter in Indian market.
  • It has a shaft with specially designed blades which enables quick and efficient cutting within fraction of seconds
  • It has an on/off button which automates the process with zero manual efforts.
  • One Touch Pulse Technology” is used for efficient vegetable chopping
  • It possesses safety lid and other safety measures to avoid any type of accident
  • Tight Seal Splash Guard which converts the vegetable chopper into air tight storage container.
  • 2 Ninja bowls (tight seal) + 500 ml BPA Vegetable Cutter Bowl)
Best electric vegetable / Onion chopper if you want a premium product of Ninja (with 1 Yr warranty!)Costly Product (But its worth Investing)
Even sized and very fine chopping possible
High power and high speed vegetable chopper. So, harder food ingredients can also be chopped within seconds
2 Ninja BPA free bowls good quality plastic come with the product which keeps food items fresh
Easy to use and good user experience
Thousands of genuine reviews
1 Year warranty on this electric onion chopper

Actual Working of Ganesh Vegetable Cutter:

10. Prestige PEC 3.0 250-Watt Electric Onion Chopper

Prestige Electric Vegetable Cutter

Prestige PEC 3.0 250-Watt Electric Onion Chopper comes with a very elegant design. It is a trusted product of prestige with extra-sharp stainless-steel blade to increases its efficiency of vegetable chopping. Among the multiple variants of vegetable cutters, Prestige PEC 3.0 Vegetable cutter is best onion chopper of prestige considering the durability, quality of chopped vegetables and its ease of handling, etc