11+ Best Vegetable Choppers in India (Genuine Products!)

Best Vegetable Choppers
Best Vegetable Choppers

More than 60% of the cooking time is spent in chopping the vegetables, onions, fruits, etc due to which cooking food becomes a time consuming as well as a boring task. But if I will tell you that your 60% time spent in cutting vegetables will be saved by these smart vegetable choppers that too in affordable price, then what will be your reaction?

Genuine Vegetable choppers are widely used all over the world to reduce human efforts. From last 3-4 years, it has become an essential kitchen member of Indian families due to invention of best vegetable cutter that too in budget price. If you want a best vegetable chopper online, then you are on the correct platform as we use each and every chopper available in market and then recommend it to you.

Best Vegetable Chopper in India

Vegetable cutting requirements of Indian Families are far different than other countries. We need to cut vegetables in different shapes, patterns, etc and need a tough and durable vegetable chopper which must be highly efficient as well as cost beneficial. So, we will see 11+ Best vegetable chopper in India which are selected from thousands of vegetable choppers on amazon. So, its recommended to keep patience till end of this article.

Not Enough Time to Read this Detailed Guide?

If you do not have enough time to read this detailed article on Best Vegetable Chopper, then you must buy these 2 best vegetable choppers which will meet A to Z needs of vegetable cutting and chopping.

  1. Ganesh Vegetable Chopper (12 in 1 Blades)
  2. Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter 

Ganesh Vegetable cutter will help you to cut onions and other vegetables in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, Prestige double vegetable is highly efficient for chopping, grinding and mixing purpose. These 2 products are best combination of vegetable choppers which every Indian family must-have.

Why buy costly vegetable choppers if these 2 budget products can give you the same results? (Tried and Tested!)

Parameters considered while selecting the Best Vegetable Chopper:

  1. Efficiency of vegetable chopper in terms of cutting, chopping and grinding function
  2. Durablility of product and Quality of blades used for cutting
  3. Affordable Price Range (maximum functions in least possible price)
  4. Best vegetable chopper online based on customer reviews

11+ Best Vegetable Chopper in India

So, without wasting any time, let us begin with the list of 11 Best Vegetable choppers in India.

1. Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter (Green, Capacity 600ml)

Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter

Latest trend of vegetable chopper amazon is “double bowl” choppers which are highly efficient. It has 2 different compartments of vegetable chopper in which 2 different type of vegetables or fruits can be sliced at the same time. With the single effort of pulling the string, cutting of vegetables in both compartment takes place. Moreover, this is a product of trusted brand whose products are highly durable.

Specifications of Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter

  • Both the compartment of prestige double vegetable chopper contains high quality of stainless steel blades which remain sharp even after 1 year of regular use.
  • Both the bowls are separated and isolated by a removable separator which does not allow material from one bowl to enter into other. (So, onion as well as tomatoes can be chopped simultaneously with just single effort)
  • It consists of 2 whisker attachments which can be easily replaced with the blades. These whiskers can be effectively used for mixing purpose (whipping eggs, cream, salads, etc)
  • After removing the dividing handle, it can be used as single bowl vegetable chopper or mixer of 600 ml capacity.
  • Good quality of material is used for manufacturing which is BPA free.
  • Best vegetable chopper online considering the efficiency of vegetable chopping
Pro’s Con’s
Multiple vegetables and fruits can be chopped at the same timeIts manually operated vegetable chopper
Two bowls with divider makes it highly efficient vegetable chopper
Quality of Stainless Steel blades is very good
It also consists of 2 whiskers which can be used for mixing purpose
Capacity of this prestige vegetable cutter is high (600ml)
Highly durable product from a trusted brand in India
Made from good quality of material (BPA free)

2. Ganesh Multipurpose Vegetable and Fruit Chopper (Cutter Grater and Slicer)

Ganesh Vegetable Cutter

Ganesh Vegetable chopper is one of the most effective vegetable choppers available in Indian Market if you want to chop vegetables in different shapes. It provides vegetable chopping in various shapes and sizes (more than 12). Moreover, the ease of using all the blades and interchangeability makes it even more efficient. Quality of stainless steel cutter is good due to which sharpness of blades remain intact even after sufficient use. It is also a safe product to be used without any changes of accident (safety measures considered in this cutter)

Specifications of Ganesh Multipurpose Vegetable Chopper (Cutter, Grater, Slicer)

  • 12 different types of vegetable cutting options are available, So, you can chop A to Z incredients needed for cooking purpose.
  • It is made up of good grade and durable plastic (unbreakable container) which increases the life of the product.
  • Quality of tainless steel blades used is genuinely good. And we ndo not need to replace these blades as its sharpness is retained for a long time.
  • Easiest, fastest and safest solution for vegetable chopping.
  • Considering the hygine purpose, “Push To Clean” button is made available which removes the small particles which stuck while cutting the vegetables.
  • Unbreakable ABS Plastic Body is detachable from the vegetable chopper. So, it can also be used as a storage container (in refrigerators)
  • Best vegetable chopper amazon considering all its specifications!
12+ different types of cutting options available in this chopper.No negative reviews at all
High-quality stainless steel blades are used for chopping purpose
Safest, easiest and fastest vegetable chopper
ABS Plastic body acts as a large volume storage container. 
Available in Budget friendly price range
Durable Product (High Product Life)
Safety as well as hygiene is well addressed
Thousands of Good Reviews from its users across India

3. Smile Mom Twin Plastic Handy Vegetable Chopper and Cutter (1500 ML)

Smilemom Vegetable Chopper

Next better option of “Double Bowl vegetable chopper” is of Smilemom Twin Plastic Vegetable Chopper. It is highly durable product of smilemom to withstand huge load of chopping different food items (soft to hard) that too in large quantity. It is also a good whisker in which semi-liquid as well as liquid ingredients can be effectively used. 2 interchangable mixer/whister blades are available which can be easily replaced with the stainless steel blades for changing the function of this chopper.

Specifications of Smile Mom Twin Plastic Handy Vegetable Chopper, Cutter

  • It is designed to cut mutliple vegetables or fruits at the same time.
  • This durable product of Smilemom has anti skid base to avoid its skiding while in operation
  • Its a perfect kitchen product for chopping, cutting, blending, whisking, Mixing job which is done simply by pulling the chord.
  • Number of Chord pulls determines how finely the food is chopped
  • It is made up of high quality food-grade materials (BPA free)
  • After removing the dividor, it can also be used as a storage container.
Versatile product capable of Chopping, Blending, Whisking, Cutting effectivelyManual efforts needed to pull the string
Anti-skid base and Comfort soft grip lid provided for good user experience
Huge capacity vegetable chopper (1500ml)
6 months guarantee on manufacturing defect
Affordable price as compared to other products in this range
Simple chord pulling mechanism used
4 Interchangeable blades (for cutting and whisking)
No electricity needed

4. Ninja Professional Stackable Vegetable Chopper (Fruits, Vegetable)

Ninja Vegetable Cutter

If you are looking for best electric vegetable chopper online, then Ninja Professional stackable vegetable chopper will meet your vegetable chopping needs. No manual efforts are required for vegetable chopping like other products listed above. You just need to add the vegetables in container. This electric vegetable chopper used power supply to finely chop vegetable as per your need (within fraction of seconds). You also get Tight Seal Splash Guard storage lid, due to which this chopper can be used as air tight storage container.

Specifications of Ninja Professional Stackable Vegetable Chopper (Fruits, Vegetable)

  • One of the best ‘electric vegetable cutter’ amazon has listed for systematic cutting and chopping of vegetables and fruits.
  • It has a shaft which consists of specially designed blades which can evenly chop the vegetables as per our requirement.
  • It has “One Touch Pulse Technology” which helps in chopping 500 ml container filled vegetables in 2-3 seconds.
  • No human efforts required as it has an on/off button at the top which initiates the chopping process.
  • It consists of sagety lid and measures to avaoid any accident during its functioning
  • It can also be used as “Airtight container” due to Tight Seal Splash Guard provided with the product.
  • 2 Ninja bowls (tight seal) provided with this vegetable chopper (BPA free Bowls)
500 ml bowl filled vegetables can be evenly chopped in 3-4 secondsCostly Product (But it’s worth Investing)
Vegetables, dry fruits and other food ingredients can be finely chopped (soft to very hard)Electricity used
BPA free bowls (good quality plastic) ensure that food remains natural even during its storage
One Touch Pulse Technology used
Very easy and efficient to use
Thousands of good reviews from its existing users
1 Year warranty available on product

5. Prestige PEC 3.0 250-Watt Electric Vegetable Chopper

Prestige Electric Vegetable Cutter

This electric vegetable chopper of Prestige has a very elegant design and is very compact in size . This trusted product of prestige has extra-sharp stainless-steel blade which increases its efficiency of chopping vegetables. Prestige has multiple variants of vegetable cutters (electric and non-electric), but this is the best vegetable chopper of prestige in terms of durability, quality of chopping obtained, ease of handling, etc

Specifications of Prestige PEC 3.0 250-Watt Electric Vegetable Chopper

  • One of the best electric vegetable choppers available in the market (Considering the price range)
  • Speed and Power of this vegetable chopper is exceptionally good.
  • It can chop food items into coarse, medium or fine pieces depending on our requirement.
  • It consists of unique “Ring Handle Design” which results in effortless chopping and cutting of vegetables
  • It can also be used for mixing purpose or dough formation just by changing the blades.
  • It is suitable for cutting soft as well as hard food items. Vegetables, fruits, nuts and cheese, fresh herbs, spices, cooked meat, fish, etc can be very effectively chopped in this Philips electric vegetable chopper.
‘Ring handle design’ is a special feature in this vegetable chopper which increases efficiency of choppingMixing is not as efficient for vegetable chopping
Variety of food items (soft and hard) can be chopped
Very Compact Product: 13.5 x 13.5 x 25 cm
Quality of stainless-steel blade used is premium
Budget friendly electric vegetable chopper
BPA free material used for its manufacturing
Can also be used as storage container
1 year Product warranty available

6. Artikel Vegetable Chopper & Blender (900 ml)

Artikel Vegetable Chopper

Artikel vegetable chopper is cost beneficial product which can meet all vegetable cutting needs of kitchen. It can also be used for whisking purpose (mixing). It takes care of health aspects as it is made from BPA free ABS plastic. It uses String function is used to chop vegetables. Its uses 900 ml capacity bowl for vegetable chopping which can also be used as a storage container in regrigerators. (must pull the handle 4-5 times for a coarse chop or 9-10 times for a finer chop)

Specifications of Artikel Vegetable Chopper & Blender

  • This is a manual type of vegetable chopper which uses String-Pull Mechanism for vegetable chopping
  • Varied size of vegetable chopping is possible as per your requirement.
  • It’s made from high quality plastic which is BPA free ABS material (so health hazards)
  • This vegetable chopper operates manually without electricity
  • Chopping of food items like onions, herbs, fruits, cooked meats, cheese, nuts, etc can be done efficiently
  • Its capacity of cutting bowl is much high (900ml)
Triple stainless steel blades is the key feature of this productManual efforts of cutting needed
Whisk attachment is also included for mixing purpose
It is a durable product
It is a high capacity Vegetable chopper (900ml bowl)
No need of electricity for working
Power of vegetable cutting is high
Budget friendly product
Lightweight and Convenient to use

7. Pigeon Handy Vegetable Chopper XL

Pigeon Vegetable Chopper

If you are searching for best vegetable chopper, you might have somewhere heard about Pigeon due to its high trust value. If you need a cost beneficial and trust worthy vegetable chopper, then this Pigeon Chopper with 3 Blades is good choice. Being a compact sized vegetable chopper, it can be transported as per convenience. If you want a hardcore machine to cut onions and other vegetables in your kitchen you must go with pigeon chopper.

Specifications of Pigeon Handy Vegetable Chopper XL

  • It offers fine chopping of vegetables, fruits, nuts as well as meat, etc that too with a simple Pull Mechanism.
  • Very finely chopped onions or other vegetables can be obtained by just 3-4 pulls of string (3-4 repetitions)
  • It uses 3 stainless steel bladesof good quality which maintain its sharpness for a long time.
  • Unique string function is present in this chopper which offers varied size of chopping as per our requirement.
  • It can be easily disassembled for the sake of cleaning.
  • Energy friendly chopper as it doesn’t need electricity for functioning.
  • Low maintenance product
High efficiency of vegetable cutting in spite of compact size (height 3.8 inch)Use mainly for vegetable cutting only. Mixing is not that efficient
Unique string function increases efficiency of this chopper (and reduces physical efforts)It provides only 30 days warranty on manufacturing defects
High quality of Stainless steel blades used
No electricity needed
Made from good quality of material (BPA Free)

8. Wonderchef Turbo Vegetable Chopper and Citrus Juicer

Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor

Now we will see food processor cum vegetable chopper which can be manually operated to chop variety of vegetables. Cutting, slicing, chopping and mincing can be effectively done with this vegetable chopper. Power and speed can be varied as per our requirement with the help of 2 gears provided in this Wonderchef vegetable chopper. It is a versatile food processor which is used for mixing as well as dough making.

Specifications of Wonderchef Turbo Vegetable Chopper and Citrus Juicer

  • It is a dual-speed food processor which operates manually to chop vegetables and fruits.
  • It is the only vegetable chopper with gear settings: Initial gear to attain power and 2th gear to attain speed (which depends on your requirement)
  • It has Super-sharp stainless steel blades for vegetable chopping.
  • It also possesses slicer-dicer diskwhich permits cutting of vegetables in different shapes.
  • Best vegetable chopper + Food Processor in affordable price
  • This vegetable chopper can also be effectively used for mixing purpose.
  • One of the Best vegetable chopper amazon has listed.
Super sharp stainless steel blades are used for vegetable choppingRotation of the spindle needs to be done manually only
Versatile product which can be used for mixing, cutting, chopping, slicing and mincingDifficult to use it for storage purpose
Gears increases the level of customization:

1st Gear: Attains Power

2nd Gear: Attains Speed

Slicer dicer disk has 4 different settings for customized vegetable chopping
Best manual food processor to make dough
Cost beneficial food processor in budget price
No need electricity (manual Spindle rotation)
Good Product Life

9. Wonderchef String Plastic Vegetable Chopper

Wondershef Plastic Vegetable Chopper

This vegetable chopper of Wonderchef is purely used for vegetable chopping purpose. It consists of famous “Pull String Mechanism” to rotate the spindle on which stainless steel blades are mounted. High power and speed can be obtained with just 2-3 times repetitions of string pulling. It is a compact product of comparatively smaller size, but the power and speed balances the efficiency of chopping.

Specifications of Wonderchef String Plastic Vegetable Chopper

  • This vegetable chopper of Wondershef chops each and everything from onions and garlic to fruits and vegetables that too in just a few seconds
  • Number of pulls is directly proportional to the smaller size of cutting obtained. So, more number of pulls results in finely chopped vegetables.
  • It has anti-slip silicone base which keeps the chopper in stable position during its operation.
  • Wonderchef has given 1 year warantee on this product.
  • No need of electricity for its functioning
  • Can be easily dis-assembled for cleanzing purpose.
  • Budget friendly vegetable chopper machine with negligible maintenance cost.
Pro’s Con’s
Good quality of sharp-stainless steel blades are presentManual efforts are needed
Vegetable cutting, chopping, fine grinding can be done for soft as well as hard ingredientsNo Efficient mixing of ingredients and dough making
Anti-Slip Silicon Base increases the stability of the product
Lightweight and easy to transport
Zero Maintenance charge
Affordable product
High brand value
No electricity required
1 Year Warranty on this mini vegetable chopper india

10. LMS Pull Vegetable Chopper, 5 Spiral Blades (700ml)

LMS Pull Vegetable Chopper

LMS Pull vegetable chopper is a robust vegetable chopper which consists of 5 spiral blades for vegetable chopping. With 700ml capacity of cutting bowl, it comes under the category of high capacity vegetable choppers in India. A good vegetable chopper is identified by the quality of blade used in it (as whole functioning is directly related to it. So, 5 spiral blades make this product a must buy equipment for every kitchen which will reduce human efforts drastically.

Specifications of LMS Pull Vegetable Chopper

  • It has a huge cutting bowl size (700ml) with good quality of stainless-steel blades to chop the vegetables.
  • It is Highly durable string chopper of LMS Brand
  • It is made from Best quality plastic body (BPA Free) and consists of 5 spiral blades made from sharp-stainless steel
  • Instant and quick vegetable chopping is obtained just by the action of pulling string
  • It can be easily disassembled for cleaning purpose (it’s dishwasher safe)
  • No need of electricity for its functioning
  • Best Vegetable chopper online in the given range.
Targeted chopping can be achieved with this vegetable chopperManual efforts needed
5 Spiral Blades present for choppingNot equally efficient for mixing purpose
Easily disassembled for cleaning purpose
Made from good quality of plastic considering the health hazards
Compact and robust design
No need of external power supply for operation

We have seen “Vegetable Chopper Reviews” for Top 11 Vegetable choppers in India. Now, its your duty to choose the best vegetable chopper as per your personal requirement!