Pigeon Chopper | Review | 3 & 5 Blade Design Vegetable Chopper

Pigeon Chopper
Pigeon Chopper

If you are willing to buy a best begetable chopper for your home, then this article will be highly helpful for you. Because we will discuss Pros and Cons of Pigeon Chopper which is considered best chopper in the ‘Manual Vegetable Chopper‘ Category available in the market. We will see A to Z specifications, Working proccess, demo, etc and many more things which will help you to select best vegetable chopper for your kitchen use.

Whenever you are buying any product, make sure that you check its reviews from its current users. Because your hard earned money must be invested in good product!

Pigeon Chopper

Pigeon Vegetable Cutter

Pigeon Chopper is a Plastic vegetable chopper which comes with 3- Blade design of stainless steel for chopping various vegetables. It uses manual ‘Pull-String mechanism’ which does not need electricity for its operation. This is a eco-friendly vegetable chopper which is made up of good quality BPA Free plastic. This budget friendly pigeon chopper have been recommended by thousands of its users who are satisfied with its chopping performance.

Pigeon Chopper Demo (Working Process)

Let us see actual demo of pigeon chopper which will give you basic idea of its working process. Ease of use and its sturdy design makes pigeon chopper one of the best vegetable choppers in Indian market.

Key Specifications of Pigeon Chopper

Now let us see some key specifications of Pigeon Chopper which made me recommend this chopper to you guys:

  • Pigeon Chopper is made from unbreakable ABS plastic (Material used is Polypropylene)
  • It consists of 3-blade design made from Stainless Steel which is responsible for fine chopping of vegetables and onions.
  • Easy to use, easy to assemble and dis-assemble for hygiene purpose.
  • Unique string function is used to chop vegetables and fruits which requires manual efforts. 
  • No need of electricity for its operation (Eco-Friendly Product)
  • Pigeon Chopper comes with 30 Days Warranty on Manufacturing Defects.
  • It is budget friendly and affordable to all
  • Compact design makes it best for daily kitchen use

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Pigeon Chopper Variants

For high volume and high efficiency of vegetable chopping Prestige has a variant which is well known as “Pigeon 5-Blade Vegetable Chopper“. As compared to previous variant, vegetable cutting capacity of this variant is much high. It seamlessly chops all types of fruits and vegetables within fraction of a second. 

You can go with 5-Blade (stainless steel) Pigeon Chopper if you need to chop high volume of vegetables, fruits on day to day basis. Here is the image of this chopper: 

Pigeon Vegetable Chopper

Pigeon Chopper comes in 2 main colors: Green and Grey. You can also select the size of chopper based on your vegetable cutting needs.

Pigeon Chopper by Stoverkraft believes in quality delivery and customer satisfaction. So, number of variants of pigeon chopper is less, but quality delivered is very high.

Pigeon Chopper Review

Let us see some pigeon chopper reviews from its existing customers which we have taken on one to one basis:

Diksha Kamat, Mumbai

“Majority of kichen chopping needs of Indians are contrained to chop vegetables and especially onions for making different type of kitchen recipes. Moreover, its sturdy design makes it shockproof and highly durable chopper. So, pigeon chopper is best vegetable chopper which every Indian family must have”

Ruhi Jain, Indore

“After using pigeon chopper for 45 days, I will highly recommend you this product. Its sharp stainless steel blades retains its sharpness even after rigorous use. Initially, I thought that I can chop limited vegetables, but its really a tough product. Highly recommended”

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Cons of Pigeon Chopper

There are no as such Cons of Pigeon Vegetable Chopper. Still I will tell you some Cons submitted by its users:

  1. Chopping of vegetables into different shapes and sizes is not possible.
  2. Need manual effort to chop vegetables


To be very frank, if you need a vegetable chopper for home use and your chopping need is limited, then you can go with pigeon cutter. And if you need exhaustive chopping of vegetables into different shapes, sizes then you can also go with electric vegetable chopper. And if you still have any doubts, do let me know in the comment section below.