Best Prestige Vegetable Cutter | Manual & Electric | 5 Best Choppers

Prestige Vegetable Cutter Chopper
Prestige Vegetable Cutter Chopper

Today we are back with best vegetable cutters of Prestige Brand. There are various vegetable cutters and choppers available in market. But considering the trust value, products of Prestige are durable and highly efficient. So, I decided to write an exaustive article on prestige vegetable cutter where you will get Pros, Cons, Specifications and Genuine Reviews of all variants of prestige vegetable chopper available in the Indian Market.

Prestige has 2 main types of vegetable cutters:

  • Prestige Manual Vegetable Cutter
  • Prestige Electric Vegetable Cutter

You will get review and specifications of best prestige vegetable cutters of each category. We will also make sure that you understand the actual working and Demo of prestige vegetable chopper. So, keep patience till the end of this buying guide.

Best Prestige Vegetable Cutter (Electric and Manual)

Our team has reviewed all the Prestige vegetable cutter amazon and selected the best prestige vegetable cutter online so that you get the best product available in the market. You must select the vegetable cutter based on the chopping needs and daily volume of chopping needed.

Why should you prefer Prestige Vegetable Cutter Chopper?

  • High Trust Value
  • Thousands of Genuine Reviews from existing users
  • High quality of Material used (BPA Free)
  • Robust design and durable products
  • High efficiency of vegetable cutting/chopping obtained
  • High Quality of Stainless Steel Blades are used
  • Manual as well as Electric Choppers available

Prestige Vegetable Cutter Chopper (List)

Now we will begin with specifications and review of each and every prestige onion and vegetable chopper.

1. Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter

Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter

Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter has grabbed the first position of Prestige vegetable cutter List due to its high efficieny of vegetable chopping. This manually operated vegetable chopper has a separate compartment where two different types of food ingredients can be chopped at a time. It can also be used for whisking/mixing purpose just by changing the blades. Very finely chopped vegetables can be obtained in this prestige manual vegetable chopper.

Specifications of Prestige Double Bowl Vegetable Cutter

  • Two different compartments are available for chopping different types of vegetables at a time
  • Removable separator maintains the isolation of two compartments
  • This Prestige Vegetable chopper can also be used for Whisking/Mixing Purpose (You just need to replace the cutter blades which whisker blades)
  • Its a High Capacity Vegetable Cutter (600ml Cutting Capacity)
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Blades
  • BPA free Plastic Material is Used
  • It does not require electricity for its operation
  • Highly Durable Product
  • It is the only vegetable cutter with high efficiency and that too in very budget friendly price.

Prestige Vegetable Cutter Demo:

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2. Prestige Electric Vegetable Chopper (PEC 3.0 250-Watt)

Prestige Electric Vegetable Cutter

Prestige vegetable cutter electric has a very high demand in Indian Kitchens. It can chop the vegetables within fraction of a second which saves almost 80% of chopping time. You can vary the size of chopped vegetables/onions based on your requirement. It uses 250 Watt powerful Motor for its chopping operation. Extra-sharp stainless-steel blades improves the efficiency of this prestige vegetable chopper.

Specifications of Prestige Electric Vegetable Chopper

  • Power Capacity: 250W
  • This Prestige vegetable cutter electric can be used for cutting soft and hard vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs, spices, cooked meat, nuts, etc
  • You can vary chopping to obtain coarse, medium or fine vegetable chops depending on your requirement
  • Unique ring handle design present in this chopper helps in effortless chopping and cutting
  • Very easy and convenient Prestige Vegetable chopper
  • High quality Stainless steel Bades are used
  • Size of Vegetable Chopper=13.5 x 13.5 x 25 cm (Compact Size)
  • BPA Free good quality plastic is used for manufacturing
  • 1 years warranty

3. Prestige 3.0 Plastic Vegetable Cutter (Green, 350 ml)

Prestige Vegetable Cutter

Prestige 3.0 Plastic Vegetable Cutter (Green, 350 ml) is a low capacity but high power manual vegetable cutter of Presige. It is a very compact chopper which increases its ease of handling and transporting. It is well known for its robust design and durable body which is made up of BPA free material. “String Pull Mechanism” is used to finely chop vegetables. It is best vegetable chopper in India if your soul aim is to chop onions into different shapes.

Specifications of Prestige Vegetable Cutter

  • Thousands of good reviews from its genuine users
  • Good Quality of Stainless Steel Blades (Sharpness of stainless steel blades remains intact even after sufficient use)
  • Power and speed of cutting is high
  • High trust value associated with this product
  • Does not require electricity for its operation

Prestige Vegetable Chopper Demo:

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4. Prestige Electric Vegetable Chopper ( PEC 1.0 450-Watt)

Prestige Vegetable Chopper

This is Prestige Mixer Grinder with Vegetable Cutter. Which means that it can also be used for various mixing and grinding purpose. It has 450 Watt High Power Motor fitted for its operation. So you can predict the efficiency of vegetable chopping obtained. Twin stainless steel blades and high power motor is the best combination of specifications which an  ideal vegetable cutter must-have. So, lets check out its overall specifications:

Specifications of Prestige Electric Vegetable Cutter

  • Power Capacity: 450W
  • Twin Stainless Steel Blades are available for chopping purpose
  • Simple Operation= “Press button” to initiate the chopping process and vary speed as per need
  • Sufficient Safety measures present to avoid any accident during operation
  • Rough Grip provides Good stability during operation
  • Premium Prestige Vegetable Chopper for high-capacity chopping needs.
  • Container is made from Good Quality of Plastic (BPA free)
  • Costly Product but worth investing
  • It has very powerful motor for chopping, mincing, dicing and even crushing ice

5. Prestige 1.0 Vegetable Cutter (Green)

Prestige Vegetable chopper (2)

Let us now begin with Prestige Vegetable Cutter 500ml which is a very famous and budget friendly product of Prestige. It comes with very sharp stainless steel blades for efficient chopping performance. “Unique ring handle design” facilitates effortless chopping and cutting of vegetables and fruits. Being a manual vegetable chopper, no electricity is needed for its operation. Let us now check the specifications of Prestige 1.0 Vegetable Cutter.

Specifications of Prestige 1.0 Vegetable Cutter

  • No need of electricity for its operation (Manually operated)
  • It is highly suitable for cutting soft and hard vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs, spices, cooked meat upto 500ml capacity at a time
  • Extra-sharp stainless-steel blades for chopping purpose
  • “Unique ring handle design” for effortless chopping experience
  • It comes with 1 Year Product Warranty
  • Plastic container can also be used for storage purpose
  • High Trust Value of the Brand
  • Thousands of reviews from its users all over India
  • All these features available in budget friendly price


We have seen detailed buying guide of best Prestige Vegetable Cutters in India. Prestige Vegetable Cutter Lowest Price can be obtained if you will buy it online. I have given you the list of best vegetable cutters in India, not its your duty to compare the products and select the best which strikes your mind.

Just make sure that you check reviews of vegetable chopper before buying. Because your hard earned money must be invested in right product. And if you still need our website‘s help, do let us know in comment section.