How to Select the Best Vegetable Cutter? Best Selection Parameters!

Vegetable Cutter Selection Parameters
Vegetable Cutter Selection Parameters

Selecting the best vegetable cutter is the quiet confusing task for a newbie. There are different types of vegetable cutters available in the market. People can often confuse which vegetable cutter to buy, but don’t worry our team is here for you to get the best vegetable cutter in the market. There are certain selection parameters that you need to consider while buying the best vegetable cutter. Let’s go through this parameter so you can get the idea while buying the genuine vegetable cutter available in the market.

Whenever you are spending your hard-earned money, make sure that you check the reviews of the product before you buy it. No Compromise on the quality of the product!

Vegetable Cutter: Selection Parameters to consider before buying!

There are hundreds of vegetable cutters and choppers available in the market with different types of technologies and mechanisms. They differ in chopping efficiency, durability, built-up material, ease of use, quality of blades used, etc and many more parameters. So, its our duty to select the best vegetable chopper that too at most affordable prices. This does not mean that we can compromise on the features of this product. So, the motto of writing this article is to tell you the selection parameters which you must check before buying a cost-beneficial vegetable cutter.

Vegetable Cutter

Important parameters while selecting the Best vegetable Cutter

1. Manual or Electric Vegetable Cutter

This is the first thing you should consider while buying the vegetable cutter. Electric choppers will help you to save time and your hand efforts, whereas manual choppers need to work by hand. Fineness and evenness are likely to see in the electrical chopper.

2. Quality of Blades Used in Chopper

While considering the blades there are three things that we should consider

  1. Number of Blades – The number of blades in the vegetable cutter is  2 to 5. Any cutter having 3 or more numbers of the blade will be good enough to cut any vegetables. we suggest you buy a vegetable cutter which is having 3 or more  number of blades  
  2. Blade Material – Blade should rust-free. The material of Blade should be stainless steel (rust free).
  3. Blade sharpness – Blade should sharp enough to cut the vegetable properly 

3. Bowl Material (Eco-Friendly Plastic)-  

The material of the bowl should be BPA free. It is the most important parameter you should consider while buying. BPA stands for bisphenol-A, most likely found in Polycarbonate, Bowl are made of PC. Having the content of BPA in Bowl may cause Serious Health Issue like increase Blood Pressure, effects on the brain, and change in Behaviour of Children (If they have not mentioned whether the product is BPA free or not then Please check the recycle symbol with number 3 or 7. If the number is 3 or 7 it is plastic with BPA material.)

4. The volume of Vegetable Chopping Container:

Volume is one of the things which depends on how many people in your family. There is a variety of vegetable cutter starting from 200ml to 700 ml. We should recommend you at last go for 400ml to 700ml. The vegetable cutter of volume 400 ml will be enough for 5 to 6 people, if you are having a joint family then go for the 500 to 700 ml range.

5. Easy to Clean or not (Hygiene Issue) 

While buying a vegetable cutter do confirm whether it is dishwasher safe or not?  Be remember if Blads Cannot detach from Bowl then are not easy to clean. Blades and bowl are easy to clean and dry  if the blades detachable from the bowl

6. Price and warranty 

There are a variety of vegetable cutter available in the market with a different price range. Product price should be based on what feature they are providing you. Manual vegetable cutter are cheap as compared to electric vegetable cutter. Some vegetable cutters provided 1-year warranty and some provide a 2-year warranty as well.  

7. Motor Power (Wattage)

For electrical cutter wattage of the motor also an important parameter. To reduce the working time high power motor veg cutter can be used. 

8. Size and weight 

For commercial purpose, size is not constrained, but for daily purpose same sized vegetable cutter are preferable.

These are all the important parameter that you should consider while buying the cutter, there are some other parameters which can be considered as well like Colour, Functionality, and number of bowls.  

Expert Onion on Best Vegetable Chopper in India

Based on the above parameters, we have divided the different types of vegetable choppers and cutters into 3 main divisions.

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So, depending on your personal need, you can select the best vegetable cutter in the best possible price. And if you still have any queries in selecting the product, do let us know in the comment section below. We will meet soon in the next article.

“Review the Product Before you Buy!”